Sunday, April 28, 2013

Q: "Who did you go to the prom with?" A: "No one."

It's hard for any queer child to come to grips with their own feelings and identity, and trans kids not only have to come to grips with it, but then endlessly explain it to everyone.

There are trans people everywhere; some out and proud, and other multitudes of us just trying to cope with it the best way we can.

High school was misery for me on more levels than you can imagine, and helped drive me into the arms of two old best friends; Cocaine and Tequila.

I went to high school reunion a few years ago,and no one remembered me: that's because I had succeeded at being invisible.

Dana is a lovely, calm voice in the shrill, cacophonous loop of paranoid weirdness that sometimes passes for transgender news and opinion.

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