Thursday, February 27, 2014

Suzy (on

“HI!” she squealed. Her vocal register was somewhere between Minnie Mouse and Bette Davis playing Baby Jane. She pranced in and walked around the shop with a somewhat manic smile or her face. I was focused on the fact that she had missed that part of the makeup lesson where we put on foundation, and by that I mean beard cover. If anyone needed it, she did. 

She was wearing pink lipstick and her mascara was a smeary mess that I could just make out behind her glasses; the same frames she always wore. The overall effect was “I’m a reluctant participant in a beauty pageant for my wife’s charity”, but she was as serious as a heart attack. As a trans person, even those of us who enjoy dressing for effect on occasion , try and avoid having that effect be vocalized as “What in God’s name is THAT?!”

 I was already learning to make gentle suggestions and offer help to the new girls among us; I certainly needed that when I began, and even afterward if it was offered sans thrown shade or hidden claw. Another tenant walked in, nicely dressed for a day of shopping, to pay her monthly locker bill; I complimented her nail color.

 “HI! I’m Suzy!!” said the extremely tall, gangly woman in the shapeless sleep dress as she clomped over to greet the startled tenant. She now had a name. “I’m in room 103, what room are you in?” “I’m in 104.” A silent “Thank God” was obvious. “What’s your name? I’m Suzy!” The tenant looked desperately toward me. I silently indicated our business was complete. “I’m Jackie. Nice to meet you. See you later, Darya.” “BYYYYE!!” Suzy trilled.

 “Holy crap.” I said, sotto voce.
 (c) Darya Teesewell 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What she said....

Janet Mock and Laverne Cox are very
cross with you, Piers Morgan....
Janet Mock, who is promoting her new book, Redefining Realness, was interviewed by Piers Morgan on CNN the other night. Morgan, like Katie Couric before him, took the laziest possible route by going right to the most sensationalist and salacious part of her story, and frankly, missing the point of her book entirely by misgendering her, intentionally or not, and having a classic "she wuz a he!" crawl below her.

Ms. Mock is no stranger to media and wide audiences: she was an editor for People Magazine. She's mounted a savvy Twitter campaign that now has Morgan howling in defense as though he was somehow the victim, here.As my friend Helen Boyd has said "...she just keeps bringing it"

Sucks to be misunderstood, huh, Bro? Janet Mock is simultaneously 100% poise and grace and 200% fierce. Keep it up, sistah!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Dirty Boulevard on Fourculture!

Here's my latest piece!!

"Fifteen years later, the cult was forgotten, the lesbians had moved to South Padre Island and we lived in the far-flung suburbs with hissing sprinklers on the lawns.  Today, I was on Hollywood Boulevard, between Hudson and Wilcox at Maya’s shoes, looking in the front window with a knot in my stomach. I was nervous as hell. I parked on North Cherokee, an Avenue that I would come to know very well in later nights of club crawling. I walked down Hollywood on the North side of the Boulevard, past the venerable Musso and Frank’s grill, a spot my Dad had taken me to talk about “The Wedding” almost fourteen years ago over an overpriced salad, but today I was laser focused on one thing; patent leather high heels in size fourteen women’s. I was getting serious, just in time for my mid-life crisis."

From "The Dirty Boulevard" by Darya Teesewell, (c) 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED