Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Dirty Boulevard on Fourculture!

Here's my latest piece!!

"Fifteen years later, the cult was forgotten, the lesbians had moved to South Padre Island and we lived in the far-flung suburbs with hissing sprinklers on the lawns.  Today, I was on Hollywood Boulevard, between Hudson and Wilcox at Maya’s shoes, looking in the front window with a knot in my stomach. I was nervous as hell. I parked on North Cherokee, an Avenue that I would come to know very well in later nights of club crawling. I walked down Hollywood on the North side of the Boulevard, past the venerable Musso and Frank’s grill, a spot my Dad had taken me to talk about “The Wedding” almost fourteen years ago over an overpriced salad, but today I was laser focused on one thing; patent leather high heels in size fourteen women’s. I was getting serious, just in time for my mid-life crisis."

From "The Dirty Boulevard" by Darya Teesewell, (c) 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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