Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Janet Mock did a great piece today on The Trapped Narrative, something that's been around since I first tried on one of my Mom's dresses. In the piece, she has this nugget:

To me, “trapped in the wrong body” is a blanket statement that makes trans* people’s varying journeys and narratives palatable to the masses. It’s helped cis masses understand our plight – to a certain extent. It’s basically a soundbite of struggle, “I was a girl (boy) trapped in a boy’s (girl’s) body,” which aims to humanize trans* folks, who are often seen as alien, as freaks, as less-than-human and other.

I love it when someone as eloquent and media-savvy as Ms. Mock is able to push back at the media enough to get them to question themselves: bravo!! 

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