Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Whore Wonton: My latest piece on Fourculture!

"I heard the door close. I had just turned my first trick in almost exactly twenty minutes. The envelope on the desk contained seven $100 bills, which we sorely needed: a girl’s gotta eat. I cleaned up in the sink, repaired my makeup, and straightened my wig. I was hungry. I slipped into a knee length denim skirt, my knee boots and the same top as before. I threw my wallet, room key, cigarettes, lighter and phone into my counterfeit Prada purse and sprayed on some “Allure”. I slipped into my huge, plush faux Leopard car coat and put up the hood. 

 An older man in the elevator tried hard not to look at me, especially when I smiled at him. It was late, almost eleven. I slipped out of the lobby into the cold Chinatown fog; a San Francisco evening in July. I needed Wor Won Ton soup."

(c) Darya Teesewell, 2014

@divadarya@fourculture #wonton #storyteller