Thursday, April 30, 2015

Esutorogen Hikachuusha (Estrogen Injections) エストロゲン注射

My Latest piece on Fourculture:

"She was delighted after two weeks, as she began to see her skin smooth out and complexion clear; she was probably happy about the early tingling in her breasts and the first few changes in her nipples. However, she was due to go back to Japan in a few weeks; and her breasts were growing inexorably toward B-cup handful status , she couldn’t get an erection to save her life, and she was growing some nice hips on the natch. 'Omigod, I’m turning into a WOMAN!' is what the fantasies would write about this stuff, but she was living it."

From Esutorogen Hikachuusha (Estrogen Injections)

エストロゲン注射 (c)2015 By Darya Teesewell