Aka: commerce

I could be you in a Lynx coat
New Prada bag, in Milan
Cheating husband, Mercedes keys
American cigarettes
students wave red flags

in suburbia,
I mow my ragged lawn
dark windows
tongues wag
my pierced ears and shaved legs
car trunk full of wigs and shoes

We could be her,
wanting, wanting, wanting
Him just to love her
Living above Sunset; proud  Beverly Hills breasts and health food
Miles From Barrio paint walls, Chayote vine, Mama and Papa
the Chevrolet calls of “Puto!”,
waiting for the sound of his Porsche

Cancer took my mother’s breasts
And my cousin’s life but
Her sister survived and loves
Her sons
In Tennesee
Giving all because it
Is our

waves of men take Viagra, like little bayonets
sisters daughters nieces and our mothers
our mothers die of the Virus trucks and commerce and lonely men
bring to the  tribal circle
dust and dying, and dying and dying and dust.
No milk for babies
Of the
Orphan army
The fire is out

The east was red: now,
making the big shoes on the Long March
Mao declared that power grew from the barrel of a gun
Diesel chugs lighting all night sweatshops
darkens morning dumplings
Gwangjou number one
workers never lose their chains

this digital dupe
third party
next day air
wanting, wanting, wanting
via facsimile

you could be me
fake Lynx coat, fake Prada bag
Santee alley with my
New boyfriend, used Mercedes
Marlboro lights
students spreading plastic
sell bootleg DVDs
expecting rain.

(c) Darya Teesewell December 2004 all rights reserved.