Blue Giants

We harpooned them,

The blue giants,

The passive whales from

The deck of the Passenger liner;

Tables were laden with cakes

The light was the blue   

of glacial ice and a Northern sky

(my eyes flicked:

Rapid eye movement)

She holds a crab

Red bellied, full of eggs

A living star full

Of salt and mixed metaphors

Her navel is distended

With life’s assertion

The girl at the

gas pump

is Persian

Her hair is dark

And oscillates

In loud green light

Her eyes are long and fluid

Part doe

Part tigress

Golden spangles 

expensive jeans

(the crab’s legs were moving)

The attendant adjusts the antenna

Fall cools the wind

fragrant with

Dry Manzanita

the fear of Coyotes

faintly drunk

with Pittosporum

and Jacaranda

The key turns in the Mercedes

Dark eyes meet through glass

igniting the Dead Oceans

that speed this dream

(I’m turning over, I can’t breathe)

and then it’s colder


I see my breath

Clouds like granite

Mountains like claws

Green gasoline tankers

Thunder past

I’m young

My hair long,

dark and flowing

I don’t know that

I’m a girl yet

And there’s no alarm clock.

(c) Darya Teesewell January 6, 2007 all rights reserved

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